Christmas market & ice rink 2023

eventsEarly December to early January

In December, the days grow shorter and there are Christmas lights and candles everywhere. Time for good food, gifts but above all … each other! A good reminisce about the year during a long beach walk. Will you celebrate Christmas together at your cosy holiday home, apartment or hotel in Knokke-Heist? Perfect for a break at or around Christmas!

Christmas Market Knokke-Heist

The annual Christmas market and ice rink in the center of Knokke-Heist. The Christmas market has become the place to be in the winter. Have a nice drink at the gin, enjoy a mulled wine, eat a nice snack ... You can do it all there. Be sure to come skating on the covered skating rink.

When: Friday December 2, 2022 - Sunday 8 January 2023
Where: A. Verweeplein, Knokke-Heist.

Top 10 Christmas markets near Knokke-Heist

Take your wish list with you and swap Knokke-Heist for a day out at one of these magical Christmas markets in the area. In addition to an infinite range of special gifts, you can also enjoy all kinds of festive delicacies. Enjoy, shop and sniff around.

1) Christmas Market Ostend

The first edition of Ostend’s renewed, annual Christmas market is coming! Come and enjoy an unforgettable day in our magic world in Leopoldpark. In addition to the ice rink on the pond, you will also find over 50 Christmas chalets with fine foods from all over the world. Or would you like just a delicious hot chocolate?

When: December 2, 2022 to January 8, 2023
Visiting hours: 12:00 - 21:00 uur
Where: Leopoldpark, d'Ostend.

2) Christmas Market Bruges

The Bruges Christmas and winter market will be located on the Markt and Simon Stevinplein, in the cosy city centre. There will be a good range of stalls offering all kinds of delicious local food and drinks. Home-made hot chocolate, ice-cold jenever, spiced glühwein... along with Belgian beers, cheeses and hearty dishes. There’s something for everyone. The Bruges winter market is also a great place to shop for an original Christmas gift. You’ll find a wide range of attractive, original and handmade Christmas presents. And choral concerts are planned for you to enjoy.

When: Fri. 22 Nov. 2019 - Sun. 5 Jan. 2020
Visiting hours: 10:30 - 22:00 hrs
Where: Markt & Simon Stevinplein, Bruges.

3) Christmas Market Ghent

More than 150 wooden huts spread out from Sint-Baafsplein, along the Botermarkt and Klein Turkije to the end of the Korenmarkt. The whole neighbourhood gets out its Christmas decorations. Wander among firs and pines, amble past stalls selling snacks and drinks, fancy trinkets and authentic crafts. The scent of pine resin and mulled wine make the experience complete. Ghent under its green winter blanket, a Christmas city at its best.

When: Fri. 6 Dec. 2019 - Sun. 5 Jan. 2020
Visiting hours: 12:00 - 21:00 hrs
Where: Sint-Baafsplein, Botermarkt, Klein Turkije & Korenmarkt, Ghent.

4) Christmas Market De Panne

About eleven chalets will provide with all kinds of delicious Christmas drinks like the typical glühwein, hot chocolate, Geneva, doughnut balls and apple fritters,... At the same time you can you enjoy of a lot of animation like music groups, a visit from Father Christmas, balloon sculptors, Ciném@rkt, ...

When: Sat. 14 Dec. 2019 - Sun. 5 Jan. 2020
Visiting hours: 14:00 - 19:00 hrs
Where: Markt, De Panne

5) Christmas Market Nieuwpoort

The Market Square of Nieuwpoort is transformed into a Christmas village with an ice rink, winter chalets, a music kiosk ... and of course Santa Claus!

When: Fri. 20 - Sat. 28 Dec. 2019
Visiting hours: from 14:00 hrs
Where: Markt, Nieuwpoort-Stad

6) Christmas Market Middelkerke

The Market Square in Middelkerke will be transformed into a cozy square with a targeted offer for children during the Christmas holidays. You can skate daily on the perfectly maintained ice rink. In the evening you can enjoy a live band or DJ. At the warm chalets you can enjoy delicious food and drinks, from oliebollen to bratwurst and mulled wine to a hot chocolate.

When: Fri. 20 Dec. 2019 - Sun. 5 Jan. 2020
Where: Markt, Middelkerke.

7) Christmas Market Blankenberge

During December you can experience a real Christmas atmosphere in Blankenberge. There is mood lighting in the shopping streets and there are two Christmas events. A Christmas market at the marina on Havenplein with numerous stalls, ice rink, ferris wheel and fairground reactions. In addition, a Christmas event with ice rink is taking place on Leopold III square.

When: Sat. 14 Dec. 2019 - Sun. 5 Jan. 2020
Where: Havenplein & Leopold III plein, Blankenberge.

8) Christmas Market De Haan

Winter fun in the idyllic La Potinière Park. You can skate at the indoor ice rink. The cosiness of the Christmas stalls can be enjoyed before, during or after skating. You will find refreshing & warming drinks and a delicious winter kitchen.

When: Fri. 13 Dec. 2019 - Sun. 5 Jan. 2020
Visiting hours: 10:00 - 23:00 hrs
Where: Park La Potinière, De Haan.

9) Christmas Market Wenduine

D'Ijspiste Wenduine is a winter experience, for junior and senior, for the individual and the whole family. Theme events on and around the ice, music attractions in the chalet, spectacle and unmissable entertainment! On and around the enchantingly lit Marktplein in Wenduine!

When: Fri. 13 Dec. 2019 - Sun. 5 Jan. 2020
Visiting hours: 10:00 - 22:00 hrs
Where: Markt, Wenduine.

10) Christmas Market Zeebrugge

The Market Square of Zeebrugge will be completely transformed into a cozy Christmas village with numerous fire pits, Christmas trees and atmospheric Christmas lights. You can enjoy all kinds of delicacies from one of the different food trucks and browse the local, handmade products at the various stalls.

When: Sat. 21 Dec. 2019
Visiting hours: 14:00 - 22:00 hrs
Where: Marktplein, Zeebrugge.


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