Beach of Knokke-Heist

Strand Zoute, Knokke-Heist

Knokke-Heist is one of the most famous and popular seaside resorts in all of Belgium. This seaside resort is ideally equipped to enjoy the many beach bars and their unique atmosphere. The nine kilometer-long boulevard and the fashionable seaside resort atmosphere are what make Knokke-Heist beach so popular. The beach is about 12 kilometers long and on average ±70 meters wide. Located east of Zeebrugge and west of the Dutch town of Cadzand. Stretching from the nature reserve Het Zwin on the Dutch border in the east, to the port of Zeebrugge in the west. The beaches are located to the north, on the North Sea.

Four areas

The North Sea coast of Knokke-Heist can be divided into four different beaches: Heist, Duinbergen, Albertstrand and Het Zoute (The Salt). The most popular beaches are Albertstrand and Het Zoute. In the summer these beaches are the busiest, but even in July and August there is more than enough space to be found. Walking a few dozen meters either way will quickly get you a more quiet spot.

Strand Heist


Heist has a long history as a fishing village and has remained a family-friendly beach. Heist beach is about 1.6 kilometers long and 270 meters wide. Even on a sunny summer's day, there is still plenty of space to be found here. The westernmost beach area of Heist is adjacent to the port and industrial area of Zeebrugge. The coast is densely built-up with the exception of the Directeur-Generaal Willemspark, a dune remnant that lies between Heist and the adjacent Duinbergen.

Strand Duinbergen, Knokke-Heist


Duinbergen attracts many families and artists in summer. The small beach of Duinbergen is about 1 kilometer long and on average ±100 meters wide. Located northeast of Heist and southwest of Albertstrand. Unlike Heist and Knokke, Duinbergen is characterized by many characteristic villas and few shops.


At Albertstrand, life revolves around the largest and most popular casino in Belgium. In addition, you can enjoy a day of sunbathing as well. The beach is about 1.5 kilometers long and ±250 meters wide. Albertstrand is located between Duinbergen in the west and Het Zoute in the east. On the western edge, you have a yacht club and Duinbergen, on the eastern edge it's busier with many bars and restaurants. Along the Zeedijk there's an almost continuous strip of high-rise buildings consisting mainly of luxury apartments. Characteristic are the many beach cabins, which are arranged in four long rows on the beach.

The annual fireworks festival traditionally takes place on this beach. The place to spot expensive cars is at the Knokke Casino. Ferrari's, Lamborghini's and other exclusive sports cars can be found on the parking lots around the casino.

Strand het Zoute

Het Zoute (The Salt)

Het Zoute (The Salt) is the easternmost beach in Belgium. The beach is about 2 km long and about 150 meters wide. It is situated to the west of Albertstrand and to the east of the Het Zwin nature reserve near the Dutch border. This natural park consists of dunes, plains, salt marshes and a bird park.

Beau monde from home and abroad likes to stay in Het Zoute. Here are several exclusive summer beach clubs where the bottles of wine and champagne often flows abundantly. You'll also find swanky shops from major fashion houses and beautiful art galleries. Het Zoute has always been a seaside resort for the more affluent guests. This can still be seen in the rather large number of impressive villas, in all sorts of styles which can be found in the green area just behind the coastline.

Strand, Knokke-Heist

The beaches will be cleaned everyday during the summer. Besides the rescue brigade will guard the beaches and warns when there is a dangerous current or wind; a pleasant and safe feeling.


A sunbath or a walk along the beach, playing fun or water sports. The very well maintained, white beaches of will offer you peace and quietness. Optimum facilities will tribute to the comfort and with that the holiday pleasure of the guests. It starts with accessible beach crossings and the lifeguards whom watch over the well being of the guests, with a First aid post nearby. Furthermore the local cafes, terraces and restaurants near the beach will take care of the needs for serving drinks, icecream, lunch and diner.

If the rescue stations are not open, a general swimming prohibition applies. This is clearly indicated with signs 'forbidden to bathe' and / or wind bags. On this page you can check where you can go for a safe splash in the water!

Near the beach you can find sufficient parking space, but you can also easily reach the beach by bus or train. At the beach you can find several beach pavilions and in Knokke-Heist are many restaurants and bars as well. At the beach you can also rent surf equipment. At the Het Zoute beach, you can find several distinguished clubs, for family beaches you should try Albertsstrand, Duinbergen and Heist.

Strand, Knokke-Heist


On the beaches you will find flags and signs with instructions for swimming. It is wise to take account of these signals. They are there for you!

  • Swimming allowed
  • Swimming prohibited
  • Dangerous sea; Floating Bodies prohibited
  • Windsock = bathing prohibited!
Strand, Knokke-Heist

Dogs at the beach

The beach is the ideal destination for many dogs to enjoy. A Frisbee, a stick or a ball can fetch give great pleasure. And what is more fun than making a beach walk with your dog? However, on various beaches are dogs, loose or on a leash, not allowed all year.

honden verbodenDogs are prohibited on the beaches of Knokke-Heist during the period 15 maart to 15 October between 09:00 till 21:00.
Outside of the above mentioned period and time are dogs allowed (both loose and leased) on the beaches of Knokke-Heist.

Further, we also recommend reading the information board, with the local beach rules, which is often placed near every beach (entrance).

Nearest beach for dogs at Knokke-Heist

honden aangelijndLeashed dogs are allowed all year from beach Appelzakstraat in the direction Cadzand.

Beach tips