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A true children's paradise full of adventure, playfulness, and nature. With both indoor and outdoor playgrounds and a petting zoo, it's the ideal place for an unforgettable family outing.

What can you expect at 't Krekeltje in Eede?

A Day Full of Adventure

't Krekeltje is more than just a playground. It's an experience where children can let their imagination run wild and connect with nature. Whether it's for the exciting playgrounds, the friendly petting zoo, or simply for a day of fun, 't Krekeltje is the perfect destination for families.

Furthermore 't Krekeltje is near the following sights: Victoria Maze (±10 m) & Cultuurforum Aardenburg (±3,6 km).

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Valeiskreek 12, Eede
tel. +31 117 350 237 
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