Light festival 2019

At the first edition of the Light festival Knokke-Heist you travel along the planets of The Little Prince. One day the Prince leaves his plant to find out what the rest of the universe looks like and you travel with him. Along a 3-kilometre route and assisted with a smartphone application, you will discover 8 innovative and often interactive light installations, created by Belgian and international light artists.

The Christmas lights in Knokke-Heist will be given a new look and will also follow the Little Prince theme. The shopping streets, squares and towers in the municipality and sub-municipalities will be magically and festively illuminated with planets and shining stars.


books worldwide, with over 80 million copies sold in more than 100 languages. The Little Prince looks like a children’s book but it examines several profound and idealistic themes about life. The author gives his own vision of the peculiarities of mankind and the Little Prince actually brings us down to earth and shows us what we seem to forget as adults once we have grown up.


Departure and information point:
Tourism Knokke-Heist, Zeedijk 660.

DATES 2018

21 December 2018 to 6 January 2019
Not on 24 and 31 December 2018.

Always from 5 pm to 10 pm

Location: Zeedijk-Knokke 660



marker Zeedijk-Knokke 660

Contact information organizer Light festival:

Toerisme Knokke-Heist

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