Canadian Liberation March 2024

eventsBegin November

The Canadian Liberation March in Knokke-Heist is an annual event honouring the Canadian soldiers who gave their lives for Belgium's liberation during World War II. This symbolic march through the streets of Knokke-Heist represents not only remembrance but also gratitude, friendship, and peace.

The Route of Remembrance

The march begins at the Westerschelde dyke in Hoofdplaat. Via numerous dykes such as the Wilhelmina Dyke, Oranje Dyke, and the Kaas en Broodse Dyke, the route heads towards Oostburg. After Oostburg, it continues through picturesque villages like Zuidzande, Terhofstede, and Retranchement, where one can admire the historical fortifications dating from the Spanish occupation. Via the Hickman bridge, named after a fallen Canadian sergeant, the route crosses the Belgian border towards Oosthoek and finally Knokke.


Start: Westerscheldedijk, Hoofdplaat