Ironman Knokke-Heist 2024


Knokke-Heist, renowned for its enchanting coastline and vibrant culture, is the proud host of the annual Ironman competition. This world-famous triathlon combines swimming, cycling, and running in one of the most challenging endurance tests globally, all set against the backdrop of the beautiful Belgian coast.

Three Sports, One Monumental Challenge

A Spectacle for Everyone!

While the Ironman Knokke-Heist is undoubtedly a rigorous physical and mental test for competitors, the event also offers plenty of entertainment for spectators. Activities, including live music, food stalls, and children's activities, are organised along the route. So whether you're competing or just admiring the incredible athletic feats, the Ironman Knokke-Heist is an event you won't want to miss!




Directeur-Generaal Willemspark / Zeedijk, Heist