For Freedom Museum

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The For Freedom Museum offers a poignant depiction of World War II, with a specific focus on the Battle of the Scheldt and the liberation of the Zwin region. This museum is a moving reminder of the sacrifices made for our freedom.

What to Expect at the For Freedom Museum?

Experience the Impact of World War II

The For Freedom Museum offers a unique opportunity to experience history up close and learn about the impact of World War II on the region and its residents.

Furthermore For Freedom Museum is near the following sights: Sincfala (±2,9 km), Lakeside Paradise (±3,3 km), De Zes Bochten (±3,3 km), Minigolf Duinbergen (±3,4 km) & Swimming Pool Duinenwater (±3,4 km).

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Ramskapellestraat 91/93, Knokke Heist
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